Under the Smart Health App, the members can book various services enlisted in the App for a time convenient to them. A competent nurse or technician would arrive in the pre-booked time slot to render the required services.


Medical Escort/Companionship:

The OrangeCross Medical Escort service provides hands-on support to those who are unable to manage a visit to doctor or diagnostic testing by accompanying them to the doctor or testing centre.  A companion service is provided by a healthcare worker who is able to provide personal care and attention to the patient.

Intravenous line/Catheter/Ryle’s tube management

OrangeCross provides facility of administering medications intravenously by i.v. injections or i.v. infusion at home by certified nurses. Urinary catheterization & care as well as nursing management of patients with naso-gastric tube feeding are also some of the important medical services also provided at home.

Morning care

Morning care is an important hygiene routine provided by our nurses as a part of basic activities of daily living.

Tracheostomy care/Suctioning

Bedside tracheostomy care and suctioning is provided at home. A certified nurse/technician will visit the patient with consumables and suctioning equipment for this service

Bedside ECG/X ray

The bedside X ray and ECG are indispensible diagnostic tools for monitoring seriously ill patients. Home services for ECG and X ray are provided for such patients who are unable to visit the Diagnostic Centre.