Delivery Methodology

  • Initial call or visit to office
    Step I
  • Registration
    Step II
  • OrangeCross team visit to patients home
    1. To understand the health needs
    2. Access the equipment requirement if any
    3. Answer any queries by the family members
    Step III
  • Draw a customized care plan
    1. Care plan based on patient’s need
    2. Daily care
    3. Carrying out the treatment recommendation of the primary treating doctor
    4. Documentation of the health parameters
    5. Need based interaction with the primary treating doctor
    Step IV
  • Selection of appropriate caregiver
    Step V
  • Intimation of service charge & agreement
    Step VI
  • Care supervision
    1. Maintaining progress on day to day basis
    2. Visit by out care manager to monitor performance of the care giver
    3. Assessment of client satisfaction
    Step VII