What Our Clients Say

They took over my mother’s care right from the hospital on 16/08/2021 when she was discharged & have taken extremely good care of her at home. Very efficient professionals with discipline & compassion. Dependable Nursing staff. We can see the results with the improvement in our mother’s health condition. Thank you “OrangeCross “.

Anshuman Das

Excellent staff. The nurses are very caring and extremely competent. They have taken care of the patient as they were a family member with a lot of love care and patience. The behaviour is very good. God bless them. Thank you for providing such great service.

Shalini Rajguru Mohapatro
Mani Tribhuvan Appt, BBSR

Orange Cross has helped us during the toughest phase of our lives...most of the nurses are well trained and well mannered...our experience with the team has been extremely satisfying during the past six months, post COVID especially....would recommend their services for patients in need of intensive care at home...

Shaswatee Mohanty

We have the used and even using as and when required their nursing service for my parents. Orange cross service is too good. We have received very good support from them. They supported to take care of patient, taking to hospital, inpatient and outpatient care. I can say it's a very good service especially for those who are working or out of Bhubaneswar. They will take care of everything in your absence. Most important the service charge is reasonable.

Santosh Subudhi
Tech Mahendra, Jakarta

We are extremely happy with your service that you people's have given to my father.He is no more with us now but we are feeling satisfied that we have fulfilled his last wish so nicely in your rehab center....best wishes to your team for future

Chandni Sonam

Caring and homely nature of nurses truly a heartwarming feeling for the patient as well as her family members ❤😍...it helps definitely in keeping the spirit of the patient positive so enhances better recovery 😇🙏...our experience with the nurses is overwhelming and am sure it's vise versa too ...it's always a give and take relationship 💞

Sushri Mishra

It's an excellent centre for nursing care of critically ill & old age patients. I would highly recommend opting for their services, when needed.

Pravasini Das

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